Trevor McGuire CEO of Singsnap stop stalking me on my social sites.Every time you come to one of my sites I know..

I have other sites that have trackers as well. I have no idea why you would tell your members I had a vendetta against you when it is you who can't stop stalking me? In fact on July 31st you came to my LinkedIn page.. I sent you a message asking you if you were interested in a new venture or were you just curious to see what I was up to?

Then hours later on Aug 1st you were back on my LinkedIn page again. Then on Aug 1st you placed more comments from your FB page to your singsnapsucks page that you have Bob and I tagged on. You have a total of 78 comments on your FB page regarding that letter that by the way was crossing the lines of good faith. And accusing me of a vendetta which is not true.

You did not share with your members your part in all of this.. I can make a word press site and do that but you see I am not the one obsessed here am I? ..So let's just say stay off my sites because it makes you look stalkish. Sick of seeing Nepean, Ottawa, ON, Canada showing up every where and every time I check my visitors.

Get over yourself. Screen shots below from just 2 sites which should suffice to get my point across. Have a good one! I know McGuire can't see this as he is blocked but I am certain a singsnap friend or two of mine can get this to him.

You are fortunate that this is as far as I am taking it .. Unless of course your obsession doesn't end .. Then we will take it back to Hey and will include your letter. I posted this on several sites including word press just like you did ..tagged us.

You are giving your site a bad reputation all on your own..Stay off my sites. It is creeping me out.

We were done with you in APRIL ..Diane and Bob

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I have always been treated with respect and kindness from Trevor and the rest of SS.Its a great site and Ive been on it for years.

Never had an issue with recording something of my own with the tools they provide.


to Steven93 #1171858

I have as well.Trevor is awesome.

I think some of the members he allows to help out with contests, etc. could cause him problems.

I have been a member for a long time and Trevor has always treated me with the utmost respect and customer service.Thanks Trevor!

to Anonymous Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #1304224

Who cares how YOU were treated?Narcissists much?

Paid shills?So irrelevant and superficial.


i got a problem also with a person who calls themselves anonymous Jane when I first got suspended from singsnap in 2008 for posting on my page about how staff members let their favorite members do what ever they want including bullying other members , this person the day after I got suspended comes on facebook writes to me on facebook telling me to get out of the singsnap clubs and chat rooms and also the music networks that use singsnap's song tracks you are no longer permitted to associate yourself with members of singsnap period get another hobby you can't sing anyways ,

been making that biaaaaatch a huge liar ever since , and now I am getting rave reviews again on facebook and fandalism.com and wordpress.com even and now she's coming on my youtube videos calling me names and *** again , she's not really getting to me but my nephew is posting on youtube again and I don't want her leaving filthy statements on his pages again trying to get to me she did that before and youtube said they handled it but every time they took off the name she used she got another one , this girl and I say girl not a lady or woman keeps trying to get me kicked off of entertainment sites saying I am stealing the music I am singing , i got permission from karafun.com and the karaoke channel online.com to use their songs long as I give them credit

I don't think this girl is from singsnap I FRIGGIN KNOW SHE IS

to ladymatika #1171859

Hi, I am a SS member for a very long time.I love the site.

Trevor is awesome and treats me with ultimate customer service. I have worried though like you, that some of the people Trevor trusts-people who help out with contests, etc- may end up causing him legal problems one day. Most of the members are super nice caring people who are just on the site for fun. Have you ever thought about contacting Trevor to let him know what happened?

I am sure he would be concerned and he needs to know things like that. He would never tolerate those types of people defaming his business.

Best of luck to you.Keep singing.

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, United States #720922

Hey McG, your continued obsession is of great concern.You got away with your actual vendetta by putting other up to posting despicable comments toward Diane and you hid behind a legal system that has not quite caught up to the damage being caused via the web.

You were lucky the case was read by some retired judge who has little knowledge of the stalking, harassing and hatred that takes place on the web and the damage it can cause. You still espouse some *** about someone else’s vendetta when you took calculated steps to instruct others to post degrading comments and the interesting part is, they did it - all out of fear that you would ban them from a singing web site. Goes to show that you did pick your cohorts correctly. Katie Loudon and the fake brother she had to invent to try and extricate herself from you web, and the guy who says he tried to *** down other websites which you did not like, at your request according to court filed documents.

Singsnap was all they had so they did your dirty work. Despite what you say in your ridiculous letter that you posted all over the web – to anyone concerned, justice was not served, certainly no truth was revealed. You must have been terrified that this might actually go to discovery and heaven forbid a trial…then your minions would have caved in lest they be found to be lying on the stand.

Its over now Mcg.give it a rest and go about you little life and target someone else.

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